Healing Journeys

Help us help you. Tell us the story of your healing journey.

We know that up to 75% of individuals impacted by domestic violence never speak about it or seek services, making it almost impossible to develop better support systems, treatments, and rehabilitative (physical, cognitive, and vocational) services. Pánfila is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of what keeps individuals in the shadows and unable to speak about their domestic violence situation or seek the help they need so that we can develop better solutions.

If you are ready to share your domestic violence healing story, we want to hear it. Your story will also help us better understand what causes individuals to be silent and not seek help. Pánfila will be in a better position to advocate and develop strategies to address the silent barriers. Everyone deserves the best opportunity to heal.  

Please share your healing journey in the space provided below, or via email to Contact@panfila.org.

We will respect everyone’s wishes regarding privacy and anonymity. If you write your healing journey you do not need to leave your name or address.

However, if you are willing to be contacted at a later date, please provide your name and a return email address. Thank you.

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